Although it may seem simple, a story missing it’s key elements leaves us a bit lacking as we walk out of the movie theater or as the credits role at home on the flat screen. The definition of a good story is a character trying to solve a problem while facing opposition and discovery of the solution or resolution to the problem. So it’s no wonder the first Star Wars, which if you’re scoring at home is actually number 4, is the well told story of Luke who seeks to become a Jedi Knight and by the end of the movie after a number of scenes where he is opposed in that goal, becomes a Jedi Knight. What is the story you’re trying to tell? What’s your context and your calling? And does your journey help explain the story of others? Are you able to communicate a calling that is measurable and even cinematic to those that support you? Making your calling and story clear to those that would support your calling is a happy ever after day!